Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have YOU Seen this Vehicle in Jackson or Milan TN ? eBay Education Specialist Learn How to Sell your items

HELLO and welcome to Blog Gibson County.  My first post was to introduce myself and to explain what I intend to accomplish with this Blog.

I'd Just like to give you a little more information about myself.  My name is Maryann Lowden - also known as "onecrazyredhead"  which is my user ID on eBay, and I can assure you, I definitely live up to that name. 

I have been a DEDICATED & CONSCIENTIOUS member of the eBay Community since 2000.

The Car you see pictured at the top of this page is my "eBaymobile" and is a real conversation starter.  (I now have a TENNESSEE License plate)

Maybe you've noticed this car around Gibson County - or maybe you'll see it sometime soon.

My online eBay Store is called Good Buys All the Time 

I am very blessed to be able to work from home and to be a successful online seller.

If you are interested in Learning to sell on eBay, I can show you how.

Learn from the comfort of your own home or workplace.  You'll be taught how to turn your your clutter into Cash.....   

As an Education Specialist trained by eBay  I will provide you with the tools necessary to make extra income.  You'll be learning from an experienced eBay Top Rated Seller.

Take a look at the comments from previous students

Schedule a class that is convenient for you and Let's get started.

I am very *FLEXIBLE* with days and times & will work around your schedule.

You are welcome to view comments from previous students 

Call me at (731) 487-1123 or send an email to Schedule an appointment.

I plan to end each blog with some sort of inspirational message.....

Here it is:

 "It's NOT who you are that holds you back...it's who you think you're not"
(Author Unknown)

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